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Trading for Good
Helping Young people to work

Employed a Young Lady

Megan started work for me at 16 and does every Saturday and other times when needed. She was a very shy schoolgirl with confidence issues. I have time training Megan and mentoring her. She is now a very confident girl and ready to face the world.


I have been working for Lynn since the summer of 2011 and I can whole heartedly say that it's been the best thing I could have done; it's built my confidence up tremendously and taught me many valuable life skills. Before starting with Lynn in Cake and Catwalk I was incredibly shy and a very nervous person but since working in the shop it has helped me to overcome these barriers and really come out of my shell. It has taught me a lot about communication and how to communicate effectively not only speaking to people but also how you present yourself well, in the way you come across and how this has a big impact on what you are trying to achieve. For the shop meaning that the way you present your self and how you communicate has an impact on sales and gaining loyal customers. It was also my first big responsibility and I think I had got to that point in life where it was exactly what I needed, it gave me something to focus on and an area to achieve in. I have learnt lots of new things whilst working here from the running of the shop, the importance of marketing and advertising effectively and also about the fashion industry. I love working in the shop because I have met so many lovely people over the years and some that i now see every Saturday and have a chat to. It has been a great first job and the money that I have saved over the years has given me the opportunity to learn to drive and this has opened up lots of different paths in my life with the freedom of being able to get about independently. Not only has the shop done so much for me as a person but I can't thank Lynn enough for the support and encouragement she has given me over the years, she has always been there to talk to and give advice when things aren't going too well and she is one of the people in my life that has shaped me into the person I am today and I'm very thankful for the opportunity Lynn has given me.

Megan  Wright - 27 January 2015