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Ipswich Town Pastors - Community Work

I am a volunteer with the Ipswich town pastors, we work with young people in the town to help them when they experience difficulties following an over indulgent night out. We also look out for those that are homeless/sleeping rough and seek to find them refuge.


Lynn is a local Ipswich independent retailer with passion and heart. She is a tireless supporter of all other independent stores and extremely community minded, being a member of many local groups, some of which are involved in promoting and improving Ipswich. Her voluntary work as a town pastor brings her into contact with many young people, ensuring they get home safely after their nights out. This work also allows her to talk with the young adults in Ipswich, keeping her finger on the pulse of what their needs and concerns might be. She is generous with her time, knowledge and contacts, regularly organises charity and other events and is a huge asset to the town.

Sue  Hall