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Helping Young people to work

Took on an intern from UCS

We took on an intern from University Campus Suffolk for 70 hours over a 10 week period. This enabled the intern to learn about aspects of the business, be part of new developments, meet clients, and take an active part in business networking events


Natalie Chaplin was the driving force behind my warm and welcoming placement at Ipswich Town & Waterfront. The company has an admirable vision of what Ipswich could be and more importantly, Natalie Chaplin has the determination to make the vision a reality. Ipswich Town & Waterfront is a company that genuinely cares for Ipswich and it's potential, founded by people who live and work in the town themselves. Ipswich Town & Waterfront has done amazing things in the last year and will continue to do so for a long time yet.

Jazelle Johnson - 18 August 2014