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Trading for Good Launches Across the UK

The Trading for Good Team have been rolling out a series of networking events across the country. The aim of these events has been to raise awareness of the Social Value Act and how SMEs' reputation for doing good can win them business.


We have already been greatly received by local SMEs in Westminster, Salford and Newcastle. Trading for Good are hitting the road again this Friday to launch in Ipswich. If you are local to Ipswich and would like to attend, you can register for the event here.

Our recent Newcastle launch got some fantastic press coverage which you can view here.

Our founder, Kay Allen OBE spoke about three key points at the events:

Showcase the good work that you do

So many smaller businesses do an incredible amount for their community, from providing work experience, to helping local charities. At Trading for Good, a free service for SMEs, we can help you shout about the good that you do in a way that helps grow your business reputation.

Demonstrate your social value

Many small businesses tender for work from the public sector and from large corporates - most of which now demand evidence of the social value you create. By being a member of Trading  for Good, we can provide you with a Social Value Report to help your tenders.

Motivate your workforce

Doing good for the local community and for charity can help inspire, motivate and keep staff. It adds a 'feel good' factor of being proud to work for you that translates into loyalty. Trading for Good can help suggest ideas for doing more good - growing your reputation even further. Trading for Good helps your customers see how amazing you are behind the scenes.

Us Brits tend to be terribly modest about the good work we do. We would like to encourage you not to be so British and come and 'shout about the good work you are doing on Trading for Good.

You can view photography from our regional launches on our Facebook Page by clicking on the following links:


Tim Grant
About the Author

Tim Grant

Head of Social Media at Trading for Good

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