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Staff Retention Success at RTR Ltd


Riverside Truck Rental (RTR) are proud to have a very high staff retention rate, they have invested a lot of time and resources into measuring, researching and improving their retention rates. This has enabled them to produce a robust and effective Retention Strategy. The following are the key staff retention methods that they deploy:-  

Job Previews

All prospective employees have a clear understanding and realistic view of any job roles at recruitment stage through their recruitment and selection policies which we believe have contributed to our success

Career Development and Progression

Talent management is a key priority for RTR and high on their corporate agenda. They have a whole workforce approach to talent management and engagement, this ensures fairness and consistency in the process. They manage this talent through their Learning and Talent Development Strategy (LTD). This measures their pool of skills, competencies and capabilities and provides an analysis of gaps in individual learning. To get to this point they have regular performance reviews were managers can engage with their staff to discuss their individual performance and training needs and also their career aspirations. The appraisals also form part of their performance management programme.

Consultation and Employee

RTR want their employees to contribute to the success of the business and our consultation process centres on involving their employees were possible in decision making and how to manage change. RTR recognises that much of the knowledge that makes their organisation successful is through the thoughts and ideas of their staff and contributes to upward problem solving leading to the employees feeling involved and valued.


Where possible the company tries to accommodate flexible working through their statutory responsibility and also through their policies with a view to creating a better work life balance for their employees.

These four key areas for RTR have made a significance impact upon their ability to retain key staff and also help them to recruit the best people.    


About Riverside Truck Rental Limited

Riverside Truck Rental has been dedicated to supplying vehicles and plant on long term contract hire to private sector companies, central and local government since 1996.

Our fleet has more than 1,200 vehicles operated from depots in Widnes, Basildon, Manchester, Daventry, Heathrow, Barrow-in-Furness, Colchester, Solihull, Stratford-upon-Avon and Scotland. We have just been awarded a contract to operate the workshops for LB Hackney, this will provide RTR a couple of bases to offer maintenance service from September 2013 onwards.

We have been placed in the top 50 of the Deloitte and Touche Indy 100 and the Financial Times FT100 for the fastest 100 growing companies in the UK. 

Our fleet includes a full range of waste handling trucks, large plant, commercial vehicles, cars, heavy plant and other modes of equipment. We have grown our business by demonstrating a thorough understanding of our local authority operations, the vehicles they use and the unique demands placed on those vehicles in the provision of statutory and non-statutory services. 

Click here to view their Trading for Good profile and learn more about Riverside Truck Rental and their social value activity.   


Kevin Barber
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Kevin Barber

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