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Small businesses really can make a difference

Apex Radio Systems (Apex) hire and sell high quality two-way radio systems or as some might prefer walkie talkies. The company has been running for 24 years during in which time they have played an active role in the local community and regularly take part in charity fundraising activities. Apex are regularly in contact with Trading for Good via social media and regularly update their profile on Trading for Good. Their profile on Trading for Good stands out from the crowd with a fundraising total of £10,716.00, their pro-bono hours ‘currently’ stand at 800 and they are heavily involved in various apprenticeship schemes. Trading for Good has made Apex a ‘featured business’ on our ‘find a business’ page with the hope of further promoting their amazing community work.

Apex understand and appreciate the value of being an active member of society. Acting responsibly is an integral part of the Apex company ethos - fairness and helping people where possible. Apex believe this strengthens connections they have with their consumers and suppliers, and it builds goodwill in the community in which they operate.

One of our goals at Apex is to promote and encourage safety, and mainly integrate effective communication in different communities. That’s why Apex is sponsoring numerous charity events with highly advanced and professional two way radios. This ensures that charity events are well organised and safe towards antisocial behavior.’ Lenka Stefanakova – Apex Radio Systems

Apex believe they inspire employees to engage with local communities and charities and recent events only go to prove this. Only couple of weeks ago Apex employees organised an internal food collection between colleagues and donated the food to their local food bank. They were all amazed with the amount of food they managed to collect and at the food bank, where they were informed that Newcastle food bank is the biggest in the UK.

Many Apex employees are active in different charity events - for instance their service technician, Jackson Tyro and two of his friends recently managed to fundraise £3,065 for Teenage Cancer Trust by attempting the world record in skydiving.

Apex believe that their combined charity and fundraising efforts reinforce their internal relationships – working in fancy dress to raise money for Comic Relief only emphasises this.

Apex also employ their team members through available apprenticeship schemes, work placements or graduate plans. The company consists of 22 employees from which six started as apprentices and one on a graduate placement.  

Their ‘oldest’ apprentice has been with them for six years, another three are follow having been with them for four -five years Apex has two ‘new’ apprentices who started with them before the summer alongside their graduate. They believe that hiring young people supports their local community and that young people are full of fresh ideas. Apex are delighted to be able to provide them experience of the working world.  

Prior to registering on Trading for Good, which resulted from the recommendation of a friend, Apex didn’t shout about their great work they were doing and relied on ‘word of mouth’. They have now started to inform their clients and suppliers and have a link to Trading for Good on their website under ‘social commitment’.

We are very pleased with the Trading for Good portal. It is a great website and we can see all our good will commitments together - Impressive’.
Lenka Stefanakova – Apex Radio Systems

Kay Allen
About the Author

Kay Allen

Kay is the Founding Director of Trading for Good. She is a consultant on Responsible Business advising clients including Fujitsu, who won Responsible Business of the year with BITC in 2015. Previously a Non-Executive Director DWP Pension Disability and Carers Service, Kay is a well networked, high profile ambassador for equality and social action with a proven track record as an outstanding innovator in the private and public sector.

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