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“Shout your idea at the world”

3rd December 2014 By Daniel Roberts in Small Business News


Here’s to shouting about ideas, and more importantly to the ones who listen...


There exists a line between ‘inspirer' and ‘pest', a line between 'shouting out' and 'shouting at’. A line that when crossed, you run the risk of turning your audience away, disappointed and blind. Spreading an idea can be a challenge but perhaps it is supposed to be.

At BananaBerry, and I assume at most start-ups, the idea is not in what exists today but what we are planning. People throw suggestions at you, “ALCOHOLIC SMOOTHIES” being one of the repeat offenders…aah you have to love the British. This strong focus on the future and what could be is vital and incredibly exciting (please note alcoholic smoothies is not part of this). But the question is how to spread this excitement by placing the planned idea of the company's future into the minds of those that follow you. That is where the difficulty lies. Magic is hard to come by but it's worth the pursuit.

So what is the problem? People go about their repetitive daily regimes in such a way that new ideas find it difficult to squeeze their way into society, like that quiet guy at a networking event who isn't in a group and struggles to segway into the conversations of others. But ideas change what we do and how we think to the point of flushing out the shoulder weights. They make people young, excitable and passionate. The ownership of an idea, if pursued, allows people to meet what's next with open arms, instead of a disgruntled frown that we weren't expecting to make. "Oh, here we go again", you might say.

So take an idea and “shout” about it. Tweet, share, spread, throw and exhibit it to the world. Send it to others and put it online so people can browse through the good it can bring. Tell your neighbours, your friends, your enemies, your cat (for practice). Some will not be interrupted, but those who are may be inspired to shout about an idea themselves and who knows who'll be on the receiving end to pass on the message?

So if we can all raise our BananaBerry Smoothies, here’s to shouting about ideas, and more importantly to the ones who listen.

Hear hear.


A note from the Trading for Good team:

BananaBerry is a social enterprise that utilise surplus fruit and vegetables to create smoothies, fresh to order, for offices and events in London with 10p from every bottle sold going to Cancer Research UK.

Since sending over this guest blog, Daniel Roberts won a £3,000 Shell LiveWIRE Sustainability Award for his business.

The Trading for Good team would like to congratulate Daniel and BananaBerry for this great achievement!


Daniel Roberts
About the Author

Daniel Roberts

Daniel graduated from Bristol University having been treasurer on the Social Enterprise Committee. After jobs in logistics, bookkeeping and modelling he looked to incorporate the principles of social enterprise into his own venture. Bringing together aspects of social business and the high network effects of London Offices, BananaBerry was born.

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