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Responsible Business Award Winners 2015

23rd April 2016 By Kevin Barber in Small Business News

Good work deserves recognition

Cosatto Limited celebrating their Responsible Business Award 2015

The Team at Cosatto Limited Celebrating their Responsible Business Award 2015

At Trading for Good we are proud to celebrate and shout about all the great things that small businesses do and we know how important recognition is to help build and enhance the reputation of small businesses and organisations across the UK..

One way we can help is by awarding accreditation to businesses that have worked hard on their social value. The Trading for Good logo is the ‘mark of a good business’.

Of course we must ensure that the logo is being used fairly and by businesses who do more than just register with us. We want to recognise businesses that are actively contributing to society and their community and to formally recognise these businesses Trading for Good created The Responsible Business Award.

In order for businesses to achieve the award, they needed to demonstrate their good work on their profile on Trading for Good. During 2015 the team at Trading for Good have been busy working with businesses across the country, encouraging them to seek endorsements for the activities that they have included on their profile, and where businesses have achieved five or more endorsements they have been able to be considered for the award.

The final date for requesting the Responsible Business Award was 29th February, and in line with Responsible Business Week April 18th-22nd 2016 the team have been reviewing member profiles, checking the number of activities listed, and that each business nomination has been supported by a minimum of five endorsements.

And so it gives me great pleasure to announce the following businesses who have been awarded the Responsible Business Award 2015:


Alaturka Turkish Restaurant 

Barnes Construction

Beaver Pest Control LLP 

Cake and Catwalk

Conatus Associates Limited

Cosatto Limited

David Miller Architects

Global Guardians

Image Beauty Salon

Ipswich Building Society

Ipswich Town & Waterfront 

Kingsfleet Wealth

Little Trove

Nick Barber Architects

Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture 

Summer Isle Films 

Each of these businesses has engaged in socially responsible activities as part of their day to day business. And each of the activities listed is as varied as are the types of businesses – from fruit bowls for employees, to rewarding staff with time off when taking physical activity in their lunch break, to donations and fundraising for local charities. These 16 small businesses contributed a magnificent £240,000 in charitable donations, 16,000 hours of pro bono work and £70,000 in fundraising activity. 

With 5.4 million small businesses accounting for 60% (15.6 million) of UK private sector employment we know how important they are for our economy. The combined annual turnover of smaller businesses is £1.75 trillion, 47% of turnover in the private sector.

But did you also know that the small businesses on Trading for Good, have raised almost £8m for local charities and good causes and given over 116,000 pro bono hours and donated over £2.2m to charity. I never cease to be amazed by the good work that small businesses do for their communities. I simply believe they are in themselves amazing businesses.

Why not join in and shout about the good that your business does. Click here to sign up today.


Kevin Barber
About the Author

Kevin Barber

Trading for Good East of England. Helping small businesses strengthen their reputation and grow by showcasing the good work that they do in their communities.

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