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Recycle your office paper waste

Businesses in the UK consume a significant volume of paper. The UK office paper market is worth an estimated £500m annually and the average office worker prints off over 1,500 sheets of paper each month. Office paper (and envelopes) still represent up to 15% of a company’s stationery consumption.

The UK market is dominated by virgin paper; it represents over 90%. Virgin paper is paper manufactured by cutting down trees, albeit generally a harvested crop. It takes approximately 3 Tonnes of wood pulp to create 1 Tonne of office paper. The majority of the paper we use is imported, sometimes from as far away as Australia and Brazil. This is the paper that ends up in your stationery cupboard. It’s an incredibly wasteful process. The manufacture of virgin paper consumes vast amounts of water, energy, CO2 and Timber.

The majority of office paper waste that we throw away can be recycled, but in the UK only 7.5% reaches a recycling facility. Devastatingly, over 80.6m tonnes of printing and writing paper enters the waste stream each year.

We have created and launched an exciting alternative. We consider this waste to be a valuable resource that can be recycled back into office paper. We’ve created a ‘closed loop’ paper solution called 5 Star Remarkable Loop office paper. In contrast to the production of virgin paper, 5 Star Remarkable Loop office paper uses 83% less water, 72% less energy, 100% less timber and 53% less CO2.

What is 5 Star Remarkable Loop Office Paper?

The pulp used to create 5 Star Remarkable loop paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste paper. Instead of being used and then thrown away into landfill, your waste paper is collected in special bins. It is transported back to the paper mill using an existing transport network and is made into 100% recycled paper that you can buy back and use again, and again and again. 5 Star Remarkable Loop paper has a much happier ending for everyone. In fact, it doesn’t really have an ending at all.

It presents an opportunity to contribute positively towards the environment. In contrast to the ‘linear’ (take, make, dispose) economy 5 Star Remarkable Loop paper epitomises the ‘circular’ economy (reduce, reuse, recycle), where your paper waste is treated as a resource and recycling becomes part of our ‘business as normal’ in the quest towards zero waste.

How does it work?

We’ll place 5 Star Remarkable Loop bins in your office, for you and your colleagues to throw your waste paper and envelopes into. We’ll collect your office paper waste for free and recycle it back into reams of 5 Star Remarkable Loop paper. We’ll then sell this paper back to you.

To find out more information

Please play our short animation found at If you’d like to find out how you can contribute the paper waste generated from your office, please do get in contact using the enquiry form on our website.

About the Author

Simon Wallis is Business Development Director at Spicers Ltd. He launched Spicers Brilliant Partner programme in 2013, which resulted in the creation of the Brilliant Office Solutions Group; a network of local business supplies companies located throughout the UK. The group combines the strengths of global buying power and nationwide operations, with a local presence and unrivalled service levels, delivering a local, low cost, low carbon solution to businesses.

Simon Wallis
About the Author

Simon Wallis

Simon Wallis is the Business Development Director for Spicers Ltd.

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