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JuiceWorks - A Step in the Right Direction


JuiceWorks have changed their lightbulbs to low energy LED’s including the spot lights in their main preparation area which are only 2w each! The 8 spotlights which originally came with 60w bulbs are now only using 16w between all of them. This simple change is so effective in terms of saving money and in being kind to the environment.

JuiceWorks also use fully recycled bottles and lids, a low-emission van and have now transferred their website to a local company who run their servers on renewable energy, wow! JuiceWorks have really put thought into how their company makes an impact on the environment and have set an example for other companies big and small. These small steps are simple and easy to do yet have such a hugely positive impact on the environment!

“At the JuiceWorks we make natural fruit and vegetable juices with a difference. Nothing is added at all and we do not pasteurise them either so they are always 100% pure, raw and natural and made from a wide selection of fruit & vegetables. We use a lot of vegetables so are lower in fruit juice and season naturally with pressed lemons, ginger or lime. Never Heated, Never Treated”

To find out more about JuiceWorks and find out more about their products, check out the website here.


Kevin Barber
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Kevin Barber

Trading for Good East of England. Helping small businesses strengthen their reputation and grow by showcasing the good work that they do in their communities.

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