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How much paper are you wasting at work?

How often do you print off a document you didn’t really need, or screw up a piece of paper with just a few scribbles on? 

Probably quite often, according to research compiled by Kyocera, which shows just how quickly wasted paper can pile up. They found that the average office worker uses 45 pieces of paper every single day, two thirds of which is just waste. 

We don’t believe this is the kind of office atmosphere that should be encouraged, nor the kind of wasteful society our children should grow up to. That’s why the below interactive graphic was created, to help visualise exactly what that figure means in real terms. 

We’re committed to reducing waste paper at Kefron, and we hope that after looking at this graphic, you will be too! This graphic can also be viewed in full page here.


Sheelagh Carroll
About the Author

Sheelagh Carroll

Head of Commercial at Kefron, a digital and physical information management provider

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