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Helping businesses reach their potential

As the economy grows businesses are increasingly faced with new cash flow challenges. Alex Hilton-Baird explains how the Hilton-Baird Group supports SMEs, helping them to solve their cash flow problems and reach their potential.

The economy has finally grown beyond its pre-recession peak, causing many British businesses to breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief.

But the pace of recovery brings new challenges. Many businesses are only just reversing the streamlining process they undertook in order to cope with the downturn. This has left them understaffed and undersupplied and, as orders increase with the growing economy, they simply don’t have the resources to cope with increased demand.

This can lead to cash flow becoming tied up quickly as suppliers want to be paid before payment is received from customers for your service or products. And, unfortunately for SMEs, the prevalence of late payment only serves to compound this problem .

Our research shows that businesses are being paid an average of 22 days beyond credit terms. This can put a huge strain on businesses who are forced to fall behind on payments of their own and reinforces the need to have stringent credit management processes in place to improve the likelihood of being paid on time or suitable funding to smooth over cash flow gaps.

Most companies excel at their core business, but sometimes a little helping hand is needed for areas that are not in their expertise. Take credit control as an example. It is certainly not easy and can take up a lot of a company’s valuable time, especially in the early stages of business when time and resources are stretched. Rather than spending valuable time chasing overdue payments, outsourcing this function to debt recovery specialists could be the answer, enabling internal resources to focus on the business’s core activity.

Similarly, an SME will often reach a certain point in its business cycle where it needs access to further funding to enable it to be in a position to grow. The options available are vast and can seem confusing.  Seeking external expertise can assist. An independent broker works with companies to find suitable funding with a partner that understands the company’s needs and their goals. Solutions can also incorporate dedicated credit management to remove this burden on the company’s own resources.

At the Hilton-Baird Group, we work with SMEs to help them reach their potential. Comprising a commercial finance brokerage and debt collection agency, we introduce the most appropriate cash flow solutions to businesses of any shape or size.

To see how we could help your business improve its cash flow, contact our team on 0800 9774833 or

Alex Hilton-Baird
About the Author

Alex Hilton-Baird

CEO of Hilton-Baird Group, a commercial finance brokerage and debt collection agency, who specialise in introducing the most appropriate cash flow solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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