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Getting involved in the community a tall order?

There are some 4 million small businesses in the UK that have a combined turnover of £1500 billion employing over 14 million people.

Some of these are micro businesses but all impact on the local community in some way.

Some small businesses may feel that they are too small to make any difference or they don’t have enough time or resources. For others, responsible business practice may seem too bureaucratic or look like it would cost a lot of money.

However, a growing number of small businesses have realised that the opposite is true and that getting involved in the local community makes better business sense. It can actually save money and resources, even in the short term, and the pay back can include enhanced reputation, increased sales and better staff retention. A very real and measurable impact can be seen in the attitudes and commitment from colleagues.

At Excell we know the impact volunteering has on team relations and individual moral.
Much of our work at Excell can be office based and probably involves being glued to a computer. Project Sunshine sees staff getting out of the office into the community. Each employee is given three days out of the office over the course of a year to get involved in projects that impact their local communities. We committed over 70 hours of volunteering last year.

We also get behind one big charity. Our chosen long-term partner is Teenage Cancer Trust and we have organized great events from taking part in the Dumball Rally which raised £7000 to giving our time and expertise to help TCT improve their IT and telecoms. 

Getting involved in community projects is the right thing to do for our business on so many levels. 

Reputation: Our corporate customers like working with a responsible small business - so all our activities help build a great picture of who Excell are as a company not just what we do as our day job. 

Engagement: Our staff always come back from such days feeling positive and energized, Its such a great way to all get to know each and much cheaper than paying for a team building day!

Networks: Much of our business can rely on have great networks and referrals. Getting involved with organisations such as BITC help with meeting contacts and having like minded conversations. 

Bottom Line: Repeat business is very important to the health of any small business. Getting customers involved in your activities a great way of cementing those long term deals.

In short no business is too small to make an impact and to feel all the added benefits doing good creates.


Chris Attwood
About the Author

Chris Attwood

Head of Marketing, Excell Group

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