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Flexible working - Did you know?


As an employer, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with business legislation - particularly if you are a small business


The right to request flexible working was implemented by the Government in June last year. Since then, only 23% of employees have taken advantage of this, according to a recent study by O2.

The recent survey suggests this doesn’t look set to change any time soon and that just 12 per cent of those surveyed think their organisation is likely to embrace flexible working in 2015.

Employees cite that the main barriers to this seems to be, lack of trust, company policy - particularly regarding technology and privacy get in the way.

Paul Lawton, general manager of SMB for O2 Business commented, 'It’s encouraging to see more people becoming aware of the right to request legislation since it came into force in June'.

'However, our research shows that the pressure to be seen in the office and a lack of tools to enable remote working are still preventing the benefits that working flexibly brings, such as improved morale, high levels of employer loyalty and productivity gains.'

As an employer are you aware of how this legislation could effect you and your business? I you are not, you can find out more about this Government legislation here


If you are a business owner or an employee, what are

your thoughts on 'flexible working'?



Tim Grant
About the Author

Tim Grant

Head of Social Media at Trading for Good

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