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Feel awkward about blowing your own trumpet?

7th March 2015 By Lisa Barber in Small Business News

So you’re doing great things in your business.

Maybe you’re developing ways to make life better for your employees, to improve your impact on the environment, to enhance working relationships with your suppliers. Or perhaps you’re helping young people to get into work, actively supporting charities or sustaining your local community in some way, shape or form.

Whatever ‘good’ looks like in your business, one thing is for certain. This contribution needs celebrating. It needs sharing.

But why is it that we’re so reluctant to celebrate our successes? To pat ourselves on the back? To shout our positive contributions from the rooftops? I wonder if it’s because we see it as Marketing. And for so many, Marketing carries many negative connotations. Can you relate?

Here’s the thing:

In the name of Marketing, people have done plenty of things that are very easy to dislike.

They’ve written the flyers I don’t want and the scripts of cold callers phoning at really inconvenient moments. They’ve created manipulative website sales pages, blocked my way on Winchester High Street. They’ve knowingly given my details to others, spammed my inbox, rung the doorbell when I’m holding a Kitchen Table Workshop. They’ve used fear, guilt and scarcity to convince and persuade me to buy.

In defense of Marketing

But Marketing is also the ‘About’ page on a website that helps readers with a similar issue feel understood and less alone – sometimes for the first time in their lives. It’s the thank you tweet on Twitter, the story on Facebook that goes on to connect a whole community.

It’s the free e-book with parenting tips that gives an end-of-her-tether mother her first glimpse of hope. It’s the sense of excitement (or relief!) when you find the perfect gift, the midnight Google search that connects someone in trouble with the person best placed to help. It’s the gentle reminder when it’s totally slipped your mind. Raising awareness of an excellent cause. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Marketing is when a business let’s people know who they are and how they can help. That is all.

It can be kind. It can be witty. It can bring comfort. It can bring about connection, collaboration, celebration and community.

It can connect your help with the people who are looking for it. It doesn’t have to be salesy, pushy, intrusive, manipulative or hyped. It can gently and generously let your ideal customers know where you are and how you can help.

About Lisa Barber:

Lisa Barber wants to live in a world where small business owners can sustain themselves doing the stuff they love. As a marketing teacher, mentor and former Sales and Marketing Director, Lisa helps people design businesses that love them back then attract more of the clients who want what they’ve got.

To discover how to reach more people and bump up revenue in guilt-free ways, join the Roots and Wings community at

Lisa Barber
About the Author

Lisa Barber

Lisa is a SME Sales and Marketing Mentor and founded Roots and Wings in June 2013.

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