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A note from our new Regional Ambassador

17th September 2014 By Natalie Chaplin in Small Business News

Ipswich Town & Waterfront was one of the first businesses in Ipswich to sign up to Trading for Good. I immediately recognised that the core principles and values of Trading for Good were aligned to those of my own business. Becoming a business member of Trading for Good has provided me with an opportunity to further demonstrate the social value that Ipswich Town & Waterfront adds to the community.

I have recently taken on the role of Regional Ambassador (East of England) for Trading for Good and it is such an exciting time to be joining the project. I am really keen to support local businesses in recognising the value of joining Trading for Good.

Corporate social responsibility isn’t something that only big organisations ‘do’. Small businesses do good things for their community all the time – sometimes they just don’t recognise it or realise it as having a social value. My role is to help small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to recognise and celebrate the social good that they contribute.’

I continue to work to ensure that my business provides work experience opportunities for young people, provides free marketing for local charities, is environmentally responsible, and that we source products and services from local suppliers. As such, I am able to show that Ipswich Town & Waterfront is a good example of a business that is trading for good’.

If you have any questions on how Trading for Good can help promote your business, please do get in touch.

Natalie Chaplin
About the Author

Natalie Chaplin

Natalie is a skilled business professional with more than 20 years experience of working as a manager and leader across a number of industries, within both the private and public sector.

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