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A Chance 2 Change, A Chance 2 Help, A Chance 2 W


Beyond Youth is a Community Interest Company based in Essex but also working across London and in other parts of the country. Big Venture Challenge winner Emma Morris set it up in order to take a higher quality of therapeutic intervention to groups in society that have the greatest need but which would otherwise never be able to access it.

We aim to achieve lasting impact in the communities within which we work and for the many socially disadvantaged and excluded individuals that we seek to help. These include young people excluded from school, those on the cusp of entering the criminal justice system, offenders and ex offenders, gang members, care leavers and others facing barriers to entering or re-entering mainstream society.

Delivering our business objectives is never easy! Demand and need for the support we can offer is rising, but the market place (commissioners, funders and government prime contractors) is complex and has extended procurement processes. However, we do have the luxury of clarity of purpose.  We therefore have much admiration for those ethically minded companies that trade in other more overtly commercial sectors but still manage to devote resources to helping the wider community. 

Our latest initiative involves a partnership with another social enterprise, The Atrium Clinic, which is built around a model of support for young people leaving the care system.  Often, these young men and women will have had a fragmented and difficult adolescence, lack strong role models, have low self esteem/confidence and may also have a range of physical and mental health issues. There is little in the way of bespoke support available as they transition from care to independent living.

The aim of our model is to offer a pathway into independent living through an innovative mix of support starting with our Chance 2 Change Programme, which is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It helps participants to develop emotional intelligence, self-confidence and a new, more positive view of what they can achieve.  Chance 2 Change has been delivered to over 2000 individuals from varying backgrounds and has had significant, independently reviewed success.

Following completion of Chance 2 Change, the model provides access to Atrium’s panel of 27 GPs who are committed to providing physical and mental health interventions; also available will be support around basic skills, life skills, employability skills, employment and training advice and ongoing mentoring and support. 

Many (though not all) in this group would benefit from a (voluntary) work place experience/placement towards the end of the main sequence of interventions. We are seeking to build a panel of employers who would be willing to offer such an opportunity.  This would not involve any commitment to a longer-term job, just a meaningful taster of a real work environment and, if appropriate, an endorsement or reference at the end.  Neither the sector nor context is important, or size of company. To start, we are seeking opportunities in either Essex or London.

Our aim is to deliver a high quality, supportive and impactful ‘commitment’ to a group that will have had the hardest of starts to their young lives – it’s a chance for ‘society’ to properly welcome them and help nurture talent that may have been suppressed by the at times ‘brutal’ care system.

If you can help us give them a ‘Chance 2 Change’ that would be fantastic - so too would be the impact that we could achieve together. 


Emma Morris
About the Author

Emma Morris

Managing Director at Beyond Youth

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