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Promote your reputation with Trading for Good

28th January 2019 By Kevin Barber in Small Business News

Promoting a good reputation can be just as hard as earning it – but that’s where Trading for Good can help. Our free to join platform, enables you to share the charitable deeds and good work you’ve done for your local community. It also offers those you’ve helped, the opportunity to endorse you.

Five acts of goodwill you share that are then endorsed, will enable you to use the Trading for Good logo which will help you gain recognition as a responsible small business – but if that’s not incentive enough, here are five more reasons why you should promote your ethical reputation with us.

  1. Build local trust: promoting your business as one that cares for its community, builds respect and trust, and sharing what you’ve done, gives people a clear record of how you’re helping their community.
  2. Consumer expectation: a global online survey by PR and marketing agency Cone Communications, discovered that 91% of consumers think there’s more to business than turning a profit and that companies should also behave in a socially responsible way*. Highlighting your charitable work and how you’ve helped with community projects demonstrates your commitment to social value. 
  3. Boost your reputation: The Cone Communications survey also found that 34% of consumers used social media to talk about the good experiences they’d had with a business. In addition, 88% of consumers said they’d reward companies with a social or environmental conscience, with loyalty. 
  4. Helping your community helps you too: Helping build a strong local community means one that has a greater chance of withstanding broader economic issues; and talking about how you’ve made a difference can encourage more people to do the same. All this altruism boosts goodwill and promotes community ties – giving you a more engaged and resilient customer base. 
  5. Grow your business: Research by household giant, Unilever, found that nearly a quarter of consumers (21%) would actively choose a brand if they made their commitment to sustainability clearer on packaging. Unilever’s own portfolio shows that the brands closely linked to ethical values (such as Dove and Hellman’s) were the ones growing the fastest**. If you provide a service or aren’t able to tell people about your charitable works directly, then we can highlight this for you.

How Trading for Good can help

We can help promote all the fantastic work you’re doing for your community.

All your activities can be split into categories so consumers can see exactly how you’ve helped charities and communities – whether that’s providing work placements; taking on apprentices; using local, sustainable suppliers; or keeping on top of recycling.

But at Trading for Good, we’re more than just a platform to shout about social responsibility; we’re a network of likeminded entrepreneurs and our free resources and access to helpful guides and toolkits can help boost your own understanding of responsible business practices.

So, take a closer look at what we have to offer – contact us for more information, or sign up  today.




Kevin Barber
About the Author

Kevin Barber

Trading for Good East of England. Helping small businesses strengthen their reputation and grow by showcasing the good work that they do in their communities.

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