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Boost your reputation with Trading for Good

5th November 2018 By Kevin Barber in Small Business News


When you run your own small business, earning a good reputation can be hard – budgets are usually small and competition can be big. But if your business does good works for the local community, or contributes to charity, then you’re already one step ahead. At Trading for Good, we’re on hand to help you share news about your charitable deeds and boost your reputation – here’s why you should join us.

Why is reputation so important?

Reputation is all about how your business is perceived which is what makes it so important, especially as social media now plays such a huge role in consumer facing marketing. A good reputation implies trust, it increases positive visibility of your brand and helps shape public opinion.

Statistics from SEO experts, Search Engine Land – show that 72%* of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With that in mind, ensuring your business has a top-notch reputation is paramount.

But it’s not just about realising the power of the internet – good old-fashioned word of mouth is equally important. A White House consumer affairs study found that customers who have had good experiences, will tell between four and six of their friends; whilst those with bad experiences will complain to between nine and 15 people** – demonstrating just how far and fast bad news travels.

Reputation is your business

Your reputation is everywhere - from the customer service you provide, to your social media posts and everything in between – it’s how your business is defined.

But having a good reputation isn’t just about finding, keeping, and interacting with customers – it’s hugely important when it comes to attracting and retaining staff; it can also help you drive your business forward.

A role model for staff

If we’re honest, most of us would rather work for a company with a great reputation – whether that’s for customer service; quality of product; or staff benefits.

With information at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to root out information about prospective employers (or employees). Which is why nurturing a sound reputation can be hugely beneficial for small businesses as it can entice the very best candidates to apply.

Know where you stand

Not only is your reputation crucial in attracting the strongest employees, it serves as a benchmark, giving you clarity about your business.

Being aware of your own business reputation means you can objectively assess how your company is perceived – what are customers saying about you; how do your staff feel about working for you; are there areas that you can improve upon?

Being sensitive to perceptions helps you constantly improve and better your business; awareness can also encourage you to lead your business down paths you might not have previously considered.

How Trading for Good can help

Trading for Good gives you a powerful platform to help boost your business reputation. If you help your community; get involved in local projects; or donate time, products, or money to charities; then speak up and share your achievements.

Why not join us today and see where your reputation can take you?



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Kevin Barber
About the Author

Kevin Barber

Trading for Good East of England. Helping small businesses strengthen their reputation and grow by showcasing the good work that they do in their communities.

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