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5 Ways to Conserve Energy in your Office

Conserving energy is not only effective in saving our environment, but it will help to save your company a lot of money in the long run. Being green and energy efficient will also help to build a respectable and honest image of your company, and we all know that reputation is key when it comes to appealing to customers. The simplest things can all build up to help you achieve a reduced carbon footprint, whether you are a large corporation or a small business these tips will help you save not only the planet but save your money when it comes to your energy bills. When it comes to being greener things do start to get a bit confusing but the next 5 simple changes will get you well on your way to becoming a greener, more profitable and more efficient company that definitely trades for good.

1. Change your lighting

Probably the simplest way to save energy and money is to change your lightbulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LED bulbs. Lighting adds up to nearly 50% of a buildings energy usage so it makes sense that this is one of the first steps you take in saving energy. By using this formula:

kW used X (Cost per kWh) X Hours Used = Monthly Lighting Costs

You can see for yourself the immense savings that this simple change can have on your electric bill

Monthly Cost of Using Incandescent Light Bulbs

2.820 X £0.15 X 150 hours = £63.45

Monthly Cost of Using CFL Bulbs

0.658 X £0.15 X 150 hours = £14.80

Monthly Cost of Using LED Bulbs

0.447 X £0.15 X 150 hours = £10.05

2. Air conditioning and Heating 

When considering air conditioning and heating and how to save money, there are some simple tips on how to be energy efficient. By performing maintenance on your air con units by cleaning or changing the filters and having an annual check-up you can improve the efficiency and get the most out of your equipment. Doing this in peak cooling and heating times will make sure your equipment is working to its optimum performance. Don’t just set it and forget it! Make sure your thermostat is on a reasonable temperature and don’t forget to turn it down or even off when no one is in the office. Also investing in energy efficient air con units can really make a difference in saving energy and money in the long run despite being more expensive up front. A long term option to help save energy is to grow plants outside the office resulting, over many years these trees will provide shade for the office keeping it cool in the summer.

3. Buy Energy Efficient Equipment 

It’s true that energy efficient equipment will cost more to purchase but the savings you can make in the long run and the difference you can make to the environment is definitely worth it. When purchasing most office equipment whether it be a printer, computer screen, air conditioning unit, vending machine, photocopier or scanner you will be able to find a unit that is designed to be eco-friendly and energy saving. 

4. Turn it off!

By turning off office equipment, lighting and heating and air con you can make sure no energy is going to waste. When leaving the office overnight nothing should be left on not even on standby. Leaving computers and screens on standby will still use a considerable amount of energy so it’s best to just turn it completely off and unplug it, this also relates to coffee machines, vending machines, printers, microwaves, air con and heating units. Most modern IT equipment also have energy saving capabilities so make sure to make the most out of these. 

5. Recycling, Re-using and Reducing 

This is a vital yet simple step in becoming a greener company, whether you are a small or big business it is important to keep on top of these important factors and to be consistent in your efforts. Recycling can go as far as to recycle ink cartridges and even old company phones as well as your basics recycling such as paper, cardboard and other materials. Before even considering your recycling you should be thinking about how you can re-use and reduce your waste. Doing simple things such as only printing what you need, using email instead of paper, reusing cardboard boxes for storage, offering reusable porcelain cups rather than disposable Styrofoam one will all help and are good habits to get into when trying to become a greener and more economical business.  

Did you know?

  • Reducing room temperatures by just 1°C can cut fuel consumption in a typical office by around 8% and save enough energy to print over 40 million sheets of A4 paper.
  • A computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost around £45 a year, but switching them off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this to less than £10 a year.

Source: Carbon Trust

Things tend to get a bit confusing when it comes being green so if you want to find out more about terms such as Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral, Bio-fuels and Eco-friendly>> Click here.

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