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PR and Promotion


Prove your good credentials and get that marketing edge over competitors. Social Value is now a key part of tenders from larger business and the public sector. Show your good credentials at a glance.

PR and Promotion


Let the people you have helped be a part of your story. Third party endorsement is a great way to show how good you really are. Get accredited and get recognised with a Responsible Business Award.

PR and Promotion


Learn a bit more about responsible business practices and  discover what else you can do. Businesses that learn stay vibrant and fresh. Gain access to free online information with our growing selection of Good Guides.

PR and Promotion


Your peers will learn from your story and your best practice. By sharing the good you do you will encourage others to behave the same. Help create a vibrant local economy. Sharing is easy with our social media support.

PR and Promotion


Your employees and stakeholders will be proud to be involved with your business. Show them you are proud of them. Great feedback from employees helps you to become an employer of choice. Your personal reputation is your business reputation.

PR and Promotion


You instinctively know that your business does well by doing good. By being able to measure what you do you can easily communicate how you impact on society. You can show people just how much you do that usually goes unseen.

PR and Promotion


Build local trust in your business by promoting your reputation that you are a business that cares. Your customers will want to spend their money with an ethical business. This gives you a new way to promote your core business.

PR and Promotion


Discover what is happening in your sector in the world of responsible business practice. Keep up to date with current ideas. Stay ahead of the competition and see how you can grow revenue and cut costs.


PR and Promotion


Small businesses like yours often rely on networking and word of mouth. Let people discover how good you really are. Join in our growing network of good businesses, find like minded people and impress your clients with your profile.

PR and Promotion


You are already doing good everyday, so why not take a free opportunity to celebrate just how GREAT you are. Show off your brilliant profile and be awarded the 'Mark of a Good Business' certificate to display at work.


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What if I don’t want to publicise our good work? Come on - don’t be so British! Be proud of what you’re doing and share this information with everyone. We strongly believe that small businesses collectively should demonstrate the important work they do. By showing just how much is going on, we’ll change public perception not just about your business – but business as a whole. And that’s good for everyone.

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