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Trading for Good launch

The small business sector is the backbone of the British economy - and Trading for Good, a new digital service, is being launched today (16 July 2012) to promote the good work small businesses do in their communities.

Trading for Good ( aims to encourage half a million small businesses to share the good work they do, as well as become more socially responsible, and in return will help boost their reputation and grow their business by attracting like-minded clients and consumers.

The new website is a social media platform, enabling small businesses to build their own profile page and upload the details of the good work they do. This information is used to showcase a small business, not just on the Trading for Good website, but also via organic search listings and local media. The overall aim is to give forward-thinking small businesses an advantage when it comes to attracting like-minded customers and, in future, the service will also act as a gateway to the supplier lists of larger organisations.

The service was pioneered and is operated by UK-based Excell Group, chaired by Darren Strowger, and was conceived and developed by a group of like-minded small businesses led by social entrepreneur Kay Allen OBE.

Kay Allen said: "We believe that small businesses are a force for good, but they often go unrecognised. Trading for Good celebrates all that's good about British business and we are determined to demonstrate that responsible behaviour is profitable behaviour.”

Trading for Good has the backing of BIS and startup funding from Visa Europe and is being supported by a raft of major trade bodies and large companies including City-based organisations such as DLA Piper and Ernst & Young.

Trading for Good is being championed by the PM's Tsar on Corporate Responsibility, Philip N Green. It was announced by the Prime Minister in February and has the backing of business minister Norman Lamb who launched the service at the Institute of Directors. The service originated through the Government's focus on corporate responsibility through "Every Business Commits".

There are five ways of Trading for Good:

  • supporting charities and communities
  • helping young people into work
  • improving environmental impact
  • working better with suppliers
  • making life better for employees.

Even before the service was officially launched, nearly 500 businesses had already signed up over the course of a week.

Norman Lamb MP, the lead minister for corporate responsibility in Government, said: "I'm delighted to be launching Trading for Good and would like to thank all those who have been involved in its development. I believe it is a powerful initiative with the potential to deliver real benefits to business, consumers and society at large. By demonstrating how they are behaving in a socially responsible way, the programme will help small companies improve their reputation and grow their business. I'm pleased that so many businesses have already signed up and I would strongly encourage others to get involved and make corporate responsibility a core part of their growth strategy."

Darren Strowger, chairman of Excell Group, said: "As a business, Excell Group has long believed in doing good work with local communities and charities, particularly the Teenage Cancer Trust. We are proud to finally see Trading for Good going live as it is a natural extension of this ambition and the culmination of over twelve months work from a dedicated team."

Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, said: “Business not only drives the economy, it brings many social benefits. Trading for Good provides a platform for small businesses to receive the recognition they deserve for their contribution to the community. Ultimately we want to see a virtuous cycle develop by which companies can showcase their good work, customers will reward them for it, and other firms will be inspired to follow the best examples. British business has a lot to be proud of, and it is time we shouted that from the rooftops.”

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