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Are You An Award Winning Responsible Business?

21st January 2016 By Natalie Chaplin in Small Business News



Recognising and celebrating the contributions and activities of businesses in 2015 - It is time for you to claim your award.

Not another badge,’ I hear some say. ‘Just another hurdle to climb to achieve some small piece of recognition – a hurdle which ends up being a distraction to me in running my business.’ 
Okay, okay. So, for some, the motivation for the work they do is not necessarily about achieving recognition. It’s just something they would do naturally. It is part of their psyche, their make up, it’s who they are. The same applies to a business – a business that does good for its communities, employees and suppliers, may just be naturally inclined to do this. For some it is implicit in the ethos of the company, whilst others may have a formal Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in place which guides the behaviour of the staff.
Whatever the motivation of an individual or business, it is fair to say that appreciation is key to how we feel when we have done a good job. Whether it’s a larger activity such as helping a local school with some refurbishments, a specialist task such as offering pro-bono legal assistance, or simply providing a fruit bowl at work, to provide employees with healthy food choices, the response from the recipients can be all the reward and recognition that is needed.
Here at Trading for Good, we recognise the great work that lots of smaller businesses do, much of which goes unsaid, and we have been working on a tool that may help to highlight these activities, large and small. We have said for some time now that we will we issue businesses which demonstrate trading for good through its activities a badge, a badge that can be used in your email footer, on your website and in your marketing material. This badge is the sign to others that they are choosing a business which is socially responsible. So being part of Trading for Good is now much more than being part of an online community. It’s the mark of a good business that you can take and use right across your business.
To be eligible for the 2015 Award your business needs to have a minimum of five activities which have been endorsed by the organisation or individual who benefited from your contribution. When you have achieved this, simply click here. We will then review your application, and subject to approval, we’ll email the badge for you to use. We’ll also send out a certificate in the post to confirm your achievement, so that you can proudly display this in your workplace.The deadline for submission is 21st February 2016

Mark Bailey of Barnes Construction the first business to receive the Responsible Business Award 2015 from Kay Allen OBE (founder of Trading for Good)


Natalie Chaplin
About the Author

Natalie Chaplin

Natalie is a skilled business professional with more than 20 years experience of working as a manager and leader across a number of industries, within both the private and public sector.

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